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Relativity Fest 2018
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PR188011 - A Bazooka to a Knife Fight: Practical Technology to Enhance Your ECA Workflow Are you fully leveraging Relativity during early case assessment? Learn how to achieve 75%+ data reduction and spot potentially catastrophic collection errors using various document analytics and data validation techniques. We’ll show you both out-of-the-box and custom-built approaches that will help you identify potential gaps in your data, isolate relevant materials faster, quickly segregate the irrelevant “junk,” and more comprehensively analyze the content of your corpus. Leave this intensive session with the confidence that you can do more with Relativity, even before a single document is reviewed. 1 Hour Lecture
PR227587 - Academic Orientation for Scholarship Recipients and Professors Professors, scholarship attendees, and first-time Academic Partners will get an overview of Relativity the company, key executives, how to use conference tools, and the importance of clear, concise communication when talking about and marketing their programs. We'll discuss future goals for the academic program and the industry, and also announce the winner of the Instructor of the Year award.  1 Hour Lecture
PD227590 - Academic Partners: Building a Community Are you a member of the Relativity Academic community?  The Relativity community is where all the Academic curriculum is stored. Professors need to be members of the community to access these resources. Come learn how to register and how to find just what you need. Twitter will also be covered in this session. 1 Hour Lecture
LIE227574 - Access to Justice: Challenges for the Legal System and the Nation In this follow-up to last year's highly rated Pro Bono and Public Service program, Legal Services Corporation president James Sandman returns to join retired US Magistrate Judge John Facciola and public interest lawyers to discuss the challenges facing the legal system and the nation as the vast majority of Americans cannot afford legal representation. The program will address the fundamental right to the courts, the threats to access to justice, and what you can do to help.

This session has been submitted for CLE accreditation.
1 Hour Panel
PR188984 - Achieving Service Excellence for RelativityOne Operational excellence is essential to quality customer experience. In e-discovery, innovation can’t be limited to incremental features and functions—to be a successful solution provider, you need to continually refine efficiency and effectiveness of your services to drive value to your clients. In this session, Cliff Dutton, Chief Innovation Officer of Epiq and Relativity will share their experience delivering quality service and a model for excellence in RelativityOne. You’ll glean insights on a variety of topics, including training, project launches, staffing, reporting, and workflow automation. 1 Hour Lecture
PR157096 - Activating Active Learning: The Game Changer Yes, active learning can help your clients perform more timely, cost-effective, and streamlined reviews. Join this session to learn how to make that a reality. You'll learn how to avoid the pitfalls and come out looking like a hero. Drawing from real-world experiences using active learning on live projects, we’ll show you:
  • • Unique techniques and workflows to accelerate model stability to apply cutoff ranks with confidence
  • • How to understand rank distribution charts and their many interpretations
  • • Additional saved searches to add to your active learning toolkit to optimize results
  • • Demonstrations of custom scripts developed to assist with active learning
  • • Ways to kick start active learning projects through seeding both positive and negatives
  • • Data culling before versus during versus after an active learning project—and its potential effects on your review set
  • • The effects of richness on active learning projects
  • • How to use active learning to analyze opposing productions
  • • Novel ways to use the review queue
1 Hour Lecture
PR187482 - Active Learning: A Lawyer's Perspective and Practical Takeaways Join Adrian Konstantinidis of law firm Collins Biggers Paisley and Matt Lan of iCourts as they present their experience on the first major rollout of Relativity's active learning in an e-discovery project in Australia. This live case study will intersperse the unique perspective of Adrian, the lawyer, who will provide background to the story (spoiler: it involves 1.3 million documents and a deadline less than two months away), and Matt, the Relativity solutions provider, who will provide technical details and practical advice. You'll hear this whole case study from beginning to end—from why Adrian decided to use active learning to the nuts and bolts of their workflow to the time and money saved (and their takeaways for the next project). Bring your questions, as the presentation will finish up with a Q&A session. 1 Hour Lecture
PR225259 - Active Learning Overview This is deep dive of active learning in Relativity Assisted Review, the latest offering for automatically classifying documents. During this session, we'll walk through the setup, administration, review, and validation of an active learning project, from both administrator and reviewer perspectives. We'll also cover factors to consider when deciding to use active learning or sample-based learning. You'll walk away with an intimate understanding of how active learning works as well as how to leverage it on your next case. 1 Hour Lecture
PR225254 - A Deep Dive Into Email Threading You've heard that email threading is becoming a "no-brainer"—now get the nuts and bolts of how to use it on your next project. In this session, we'll outline the steps to set up and troubleshoot email threading, discuss how Relativity Analytics threads emails, and demonstrate email threading workflows and visualizations. After this session, you'll have a deeper understanding of how the technology works behind the scenes and how to take better advantage of it. 1 Hour Lecture
PR225256 - Analytics Overview Tailored to novice analytics users, this high-level session will provide an overview of Relativity's key analytics features and the benefits they offer, including the latest and greatest enhancements. 1 Hour Lecture
PR192174 - Application Development: How to Sell and Where to Start With technology penetrating our industry, it’s not hard to imagine how legal tech can increase efficiency, enhance client satisfaction, and give attorneys an edge in complex cases. But how do you sell the idea of application development within a firm and to clients? Does an investment in technology solutions really pay off? Chris Haley of Troutman Sanders eMerge and Dave Hasman of Bricker & Eckler demonstrate how large and small firms alike can not only develop custom applications but also monetize them—while getting internal and external buy-in. By the end of this session, you’ll learn how and where to start with application development; who needs to be involved; how to sell development to the firm (and more importantly your client); and the value-add of application development. 1 Hour Lecture
LIE227573 - Beer and Basics: e-Discovery 101 and Relativity Fundamentals Have you forgotten some of the basics of Relativity and the e-discovery process? If you could use a refresher but were afraid to ask, join us for beer and wine in a relaxed atmosphere where Relativity technical and legal experts will review some of the basics of Relativity and the legal process behind e-discovery. No question is too basic—legal teams can gain some tech knowledge, and tech teams can gain some legal insight. You’ll come away from the session ready to start the week with a better foundation of e-discovery knowledge. 1 Hour Lecture
LIE158271 - Blockchains: New Opportunity and New Risks With a dramatic increase in high-profile receiverships, regulatory fact finding, and class action lawsuits, it’s clear that cases involving blockchain technology are on the rise—and so is the risk these engagements bring to your firm. Learn what you can do to recognize when digital assets (such as Bitcoin and Ethereum) are involved in an engagement, how to reduce your exposure to risk with proper collection and review processes, and how to uncover and understand all the relevant information. 1 Hour Lecture
PD227607 - Building an Innovation Culture in the Law Firm Innovation is the law firm buzz word for 2018. While some innovate in name only, others are changing the law firm paradigm with Relativity at the center of that innovation. Learn from the innovators, and hear about the challenges they faced and overcame in order to accomplish more with far less. You will also understand the cultural changes required within organizations that have been historically resistant to change.  1 Hour Panel
PR225245 - Building Secure Third-Party Applications: 10 Dangers to Watch Out For The Open Web Application Security Project Top 10 is an industry-standard list of the most common web application vulnerabilities. In this session, we'll talk about these vulnerabilities and show you how to avoid introducing them into your codebase. 1 Hour Lecture
PR185989 - Conquering Your Productions: Take Charge Like a Boss! Let’s face it: Productions can be incredibly painful. Time is rarely on your side, there’s a low tolerance for error, and surprises pop up out of nowhere causing all kinds of challenges. It hurts! But it doesn’t have to be like this. With a little early planning and preparation, you can roll out productions with ease and save time (and your sanity).

The key is to structure your review with productions in mind. In this session, we’ll go over what you need to know at the onset of a project, how to drive a focused and targeted review workflow, as well as the efficiencies gained through creating a series of dynamic searches meant to complement each other in driving review, imaging, and production needs. We’ll also examine how Analytics, specifically email threading and near-duplicate identification, can enhance QC and minimize inconsistencies.

Throughout the presentation, based on an example review and production protocol, we’ll construct the ultimate set of saved searches to identify the production-ready population as well as those sets of documents that need additional attention so you’ll always know exactly where you stand.
1 Hour Lecture
LIE227599 - Consider the Source: How IoT is Disrupting the e-Discovery World  During litigation, data from smart devices can house important context in the story of a case, but the sources—and how to use them—aren’t always obvious. What valuable data might you be overlooking and how exactly can you tap into it?

In this session, you’ll learn more about using Internet of Things (IoT) data in litigation: why you’d want to, what sources to consider, and how to request the information properly the first time. We’ll share real-world scenarios that illustrate how IoT source data filled in important details in cases when the common data wells came up dry.
1 Hour Panel
PR225281 - Creating a Great Reviewer Experience This session covers best practices for administrators to create a great experience for their reviewers. As a case admin, you're creating the world where your team will spend huge amounts of time. Simple decisions, like what field type to use and how to set up your layouts, can have a huge impact on the efficiency and satisfaction of your team. In this session, we'll work through a checklist for making the right decisions as you set up your case, and help you provide a simple, easy-to-use workspace for your reviewers. 1 Hour Lecture
PR227597 - Creating Assignments for the New Relativity 9.6 Academic Workbook More is better—especially when learning about Relativity. The Academic curriculum helps you integrate Relativity into your course, but how do you send your students out on the job hunt with some verifiable tangible skills? Join us for a session that will cover how to teach the building of layouts, saved searches, and clustering in Relativity Analytics. 1 Hour Workshop
LIE190318 - Crisis Management: Anatomy of a Global Regulatory Crisis Businesses with cross-border operations often face significant compliance and regulatory challenges, especially when different countries' laws conflict. What can you learn by exploring the anatomy of a global regulatory crisis? Find out in this session. We’ll discuss common crisis characteristics and mistakes companies make (but you can avoid), as well as global investigations and crisis management frameworks in the context of recent global cross-border enforcement trends. You’ll also learn strategies to address data privacy and data transfer challenges—including impacts of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation—and forensic investigation tools and techniques that can help uncover and remediate factors contributing to the crisis. 1 Hour Lecture
PR186045 - Cybersecurity Due Diligence: Data Security Best Practices For Law Firms and Solution Providers Join us for a panel discussion around the challenges of hosting data in today's increasingly complex data security world. Our panel of experts will discuss the following topics and more:
  • • Cyber risks facing law firms and solution providers—and how to address them
  • • How to qualify an outside vendor to ensure your data will be safeguarded
  • • Recent case law, ethical rules, and regulatory requirements relating to data security
  • • Using effective data security as a differentiator for your services
1 Hour Panel
LIE227585 - Cybersecurity for Attorneys Cybersecurity and e-discovery are inextricably linked. In most cases, a data breach may instantly become a new e-discovery matter. With new actors, motivators, and trends, the threat landscape never stands still. Join this session to hear insights from some of the nation's foremost investigators and attorneys at the forefront of cybersecurity. 

This session has been submitted for CLE accreditation.
1 Hour Panel
PR225265 - Data Grid Infrastructure: How to Optimize Your Client's Relativity Experience This session will show you the varying components of the Data Grid infrastructure and how to incorporate each component into your Relativity instance based on your clients' workflows. You'll learn when to use the Relativity fileshare or Elasticsearch to optimize your clients' Relativity experience, as well as the best approach to improve your infrastructure. 1 Hour Lecture
PR225266 - Data Grid Overview Learn about the power Data Grid-the technology that empowers Relativity to store and search data at massive scale. During this session, you'll see how Data Grid increases insight into user and system productivity; speeds up your search workflow with instantaneous indexing; allows for easier database maintenance, backups, and upgrades; offers automatic support for larger case sizes; and reduces SQL server database size and memory requirements. 1 Hour Lecture
PR225230 - Developer Summit During this session, members of the Relativity Developer Experience team will discuss the Relativity developer community and what we're doing to help you be successful. Join us for an update on current priorities, our overall vision for the developer community, and the progress we've made since our summit last year (hint: we've delivered a ton of cool stuff!). Leaders from our platform engineering team will then answer questions about our architecture, technical direction, and more.

At the summit, you'll also have an opportunity to provide feedback to help shape the future of the development platform and the developer community. We'll wrap up with a social reception, allowing you to meet other developers, ask us more questions, and provide more feedback.
1 Hour Lecture
PR225291 - DevOps: Building a Sustainable Automation Pipeline from Code to Cloud From code through regression to a cloud environment, how does code become infrastructure? How is custom code such as SQL and PowerShell managed and integrated into the process? How does Relativity get deployed and installed in an automated way? In this session, we'll discuss the tools and techniques used to deploy infrastructure, install, and configure the OS and Relativity. You'll also see a demonstration of the pipeline architecture used to provision, monitor, and maintain an environment in the cloud. 1 Hour Lecture
PR188992 - Don’t Bend Your Projects To Fit The Technology: Develop Analytics Solutions That Match Your Team and Your Data Do you suffer from analytics envy? Are you often feeling like you’re the only one not using Assisted Review, email threading, near-duplicate identification, and other analytics tools for review? Don’t worry. You’re closer to using those tools on many of your cases than you think. In this session, we’ll discuss lessons learned regarding common obstacles to implementation, the wide variety of tools available to analytics practitioners, and how those tools can be combined and “gamified” to fit each unique data set and supercharge your document review.

In the latter part of our session, we’ll focus on implementing “invisible” analytics solutions that pay big dividends on everyday cases with minimal disruption to managed review and counsel teams. We’ll walk through a number of case studies featuring layered analytics approaches and also share some simple but highly-effective workflow tips and tricks for sample-based assisted review that make defensible data exclusion easy (that's right, we said EASY).
1 Hour Lecture
LIE157929 - eCTD: The Abbreviation You Need to Know for Pharmaceutical Litigation Learn the ins and outs of the regulatory submission format known as Electronic Common Technical Document (eCTD), and where it’s encountered in pharmaceutical litigation. We’ll walk through the e-discovery challenges created by the format and practical tips for addressing those challenges with Relativity. 1 Hour Lecture
PD188006 - e-Discovery Certifications: Why, Which, and in What Order The evolution of the legal industry over the next decade will usher in a new and hyper-focused valuation of functional domain certification that was once only granted to a traditional three-year JD. Legal professionals who may or may not be or want to join the bar are increasingly seeking certifications. These professionals are specializing in an area of expertise and validating that knowledge with certification(s) such as the CIPP US/EU for privacy, the GLEG or CISSP for security, or CEDS for those wanting to specialize in e-discovery and more.

During this panel discussion, you'll get a better understanding of the legal certification ecosystem for non-software specific accreditation. Panelists will discuss Relativity certifications—which overlap many functional domain certifications with elements of e-discovery project management, information governance, security, privacy, and analytics—and also provide potential career mapping pathways to help you expand and diversify your areas of expertise.
1 Hour Panel
LIE227579 - e-Discovery with the Government The legal and regulatory landscape in working with the government has changed substantially in recent years, and whether it's working with state governments, prosecutors, or federal agencies, e-discovery with the government has unique requirements and strategies to help ensure the best possible outcomes for your company or your clients. In this session, government attorneys and technologists—as well as attorneys who work in matters involving governmental organizations—share potential pitfalls and best practices. 1 Hour Panel
PR225238 - Everything You Need to Know about RelativityOne Get an overview of RelativityOne, including what it is and what it is not. You'll learn the differences between using the cloud solution versus Relativity on-premises, as well as our plans for the future of RelativityOne and how we're continuing to improve the customer experience. 1 Hour Lecture
PD188410 - Fostering Inclusiveness: Promoting Diversity and Inclusion on Your e-Discovery Team Fostering environments that provide openness and inclusion has been proven to drive team performance, innovation, and employee retention. Recognizing the benefits of diversity in the workplace is only the first step—how do you build a culture of diversity into your e-discovery business? Relativity Fest is a unique opportunity to have a productive dialogue around how we, as a community, promote diversity both within our own organizations and within the larger e-discovery and legal world.

This 60-minute panel will discuss ways of driving inclusion in your practice and inspire a vision of an inclusive e-discovery community. The panel will cover:
  • • Why diversity matters to e-discovery
  • • How to foster a culture of inclusion, diversity, and openness, as well as promote diversity of thought
  • • Strategies for finding and retaining diverse talent
  • • How to make inclusion part of your e-discovery DNA
  • • Selling diversity initiatives internally to your organization and gaining alignment on why it’s an important investment
  • • Unlocking inclusion with global e-discovery teams
1 Hour Panel
PR189315 - From Legacy SQL Scripts to Relativity APIs: How to Build an Agile Relativity Development Team The agile method is not just for software companies. In fact, it has a place right here in e-discovery. In this session, law firm Morgan, Lewis & Bockius will share how they morphed their existing team of SQL script writers to an agile Relativity development team organized using the scrum framework. You’ll follow the team’s journey, from beginning to end, to glean insight from their experience, including challenges encountered, the benefits of migrating their custom Relativity SQL script to applications built using Relativity APIs, and the best practices they picked up along the way. 1 Hour Lecture
PD189060 - Generation e-Discovery: How Boomers, GenX-ers, and Millennials Work Together (or Apart) in Today's e-Discovery Landscape Generational conflict. Tension. Miscommunication. The interactions of the three major demographic generations of the late twentieth Century—Baby Boomers, GenX, and Millennials—and their impact on society and the workplace have been making headlines for a while now. Articles, think pieces, and clickbait on this topic seem to be everywhere over the last 15 years, as all three groups began to co-exist in the professional sphere. During this same period, e-discovery has come into its own as a unique and fast-growing industry. With its roots in the law (tradition-bound, slow to change) and in software and technology (fast-moving, maybe disruptive), and drawing talent from all age groups, what can e-discovery teach us about how the generations work together? What similarities and differences, friction points and synergies, exist between the groups? Does working in e-discovery magnify or diminish them? And which is the more important mindset: that of your generation or that of an e-discovery professional?

This panel discussion, with representatives from each of the three demographic cohorts, will cover topics of cross-generational work in the e-discovery space. The speakers will discuss personal observations, experiences, and strategies through guided moderator questions and intra-panel interactions.
1 Hour Panel
PR225275 - Get a Head Start with Templates A good template can make workspaces easier to navigate and save your team some much-needed time. In this session, we'll walk through everything you need to include in your templates, beginning to end-from the fields mapped to the apps installed. 1 Hour Lecture
PR225240 - Global Expansion with RelativityOne This session will cover the business, technological, privacy, and legal implications of working with data in RelativityOne all over the world. We'll look at the product, features, and data centers currently available with RelativityOne, how Relativity's licensing model enables customers to use RelativityOne around the globe, as well as some practical implications to consider when doing business in other parts of the world-whether through RelativityOne or another mode of Relativity deployment. 1 Hour Lecture
PR227602 - GPC: Going Cloud: How to Tackle the 5 Biggest Hurdles to Transforming Your Business You’re on board for transitioning your e-discovery practice to SaaS with RelativityOne—now how do you bring along the rest of your organization? In this session, we'll discuss the top barriers that organizations tell us they face in making the change and offer ideas to address them. 1 Hour Panel
PR227604 - GPC: Lessons in Strategic Transformation The public cloud has been disrupting industries in nearly every sector. In this session, we'll hear how one executive responded to the impact of the cloud and successfully led his company through a strategic transformation to become a managed services specialist. 1 Hour Lecture
PR227600 - GPC: Opening Keynote Relativity has always been a partner-centric organization and that strategy is not changing. Join Relativity leaders as we introduce new partner programs and initiatives and share how we are continuing to invest in our partners’ success. 1 Hour Lecture
PR227603 - GPC: What Can You Do When You Have No Infrastructure? The business value created by using SaaS in your e-discovery practice includes greater flexibility in responding to market conditions. In this session, we'll share ideas for and demonstrate examples of innovations made possible by improved capital efficiency. 1 Hour Lecture
PR225233 - Gravity: An Open Framework for Relativity Developers Learn more about Gravity-a free, open source development tool for all developers in the Relativity community to use, contribute to, and improve. Gravity will make developing on Relativity easier for everyone by allowing developers to interact with Relativity objects without the manual effort of rewriting the same code over and over to manipulate your RDOs. You'll also learn how you can get involved with the project and help make it better for the whole developer community. 1 Hour Lecture
PR227588 - Hands-On Deep Dive into the New Relativity 9.6 Academic Workbook Relativity has created a new curriculum workbook on Relativity 9.6, the newest version of Relativity. Join us for a three-hour deep dive into what it contains, how to teach each section, and how to get ready to roll it out in your next e-discovery course. This is a hands on class and computers will be provided. 3 Hours Workshop
PR190372 - How I Built This RelativityOne App In this session, you'll see firsthand what it takes to build a Relativity Innovation Award-nominated app on RelativityOne. Ryan Tuuk of BDO will take you through the process he followed in creating the app, discuss the challenges he faced, and share tips he learned as he worked his way from a whisper of an idea to a fully-functioning app running on RelativityOne. 1 Hour Lecture
PR225244 - How to Benefit the Most from RelativityOne Security Learn how you, as the customer, make our control environment stronger with the controls in your organization when you use RelativityOne. You'll learn 18 key controls that you need to have in place to complete the security loop created by your RelativityOne environment. 1 Hour Lecture
PR188012 - How to Perform a Cybersecurity Investigation with Relativity With the increased use of SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS platforms, organizations are shoveling more data into the cloud from on-premises solutions than ever before. However, answering cloud governance and access control questions like “What data do I have?" "Where is my data stored?" and "Who has access to my data?” continues to be difficult. These questions can impede an investigation that is already challenged by decentralized logging, access rights, large volumes of data review, and the inability to physically access the environment.

During this panel, we'll expose and explain alternative use cases for Relativity in the areas of cybersecurity investigation and privacy compliance, specifically as it relates to the proliferation and utilization of cloud solutions. Our panelists will share their stories about how Relativity was deployed to solve unique problems—specifically, how Relativity and Relativity Analytics were used to review and tag large volumes of PII data, generate a deliverable for counsel to notify breached victims, and automate notifications to affected parties including state and federal authorities (if required).
1 Hour Panel
PR225287 - How to Plan Your Relativity Upgrade During this session we will offer best practices to prepare for your Relativity upgrade, highlighting recent enhancements that may affect your typical upgrade. We’ll also discuss how to better prepare your Relativity administrators to use and support new features and functionality with test environments and updated workspace templates. 1 Hour Lecture
PR225250 - How to Run Analytics on CJK For years, people have been achieving significant and important results using conceptual analytics on Chinese, Japanese, and Korean text (CJK). Yet, there's a persistent perception that analytics does not work on these languages. Come hear a firsthand account of using Relativity Analytics on CJK that debunks the myth once and for all. 1 Hour Lecture
LIE188400 - If You Wait, You May Spoliate: Tips for Preserving ESI and Avoiding Sanctions Court decisions implementing the recent amendments to The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure provide guidance as to the scope of the duty to preserve and when and what type of sanctions can be applied when parties in litigation fail to preserve ESI and related evidence. Taking appropriate measures to preserve data from the beginning of litigation minimizes risk, may reduce burden, and will help you avoid problems further in the discovery process. Join this session for a primer on the recent case law related to preservation, spoliation, and related sanctions, as well as practical tips for avoiding some of the common pitfalls associated with preservation. 1 Hour Panel
PR225285 - Improve Your Customer's Experience with Performance Dashboard Relativity Performance Dashboard helps you monitor and analyze your Relativity environment in real time. Featuring a suite of reports and metrics, it provides greater insight into the backend performance of your environment. In this session, we'll discuss how to understand your Performance Dashboard scores, and some useful troubleshooting techniques for investigating scores that are lower than expected. 1 Hour Lecture
PR225225 - Innovation Awards Each year at Relativity Fest, we recognize organizations and individuals who build innovative solutions, break down barriers for technology in the practice of law, move e-discovery forward, and take Relativity to the next level. The technology categories celebrate organizations that use the Relativity platform in creative ways—solving difficult or unique challenges within and outside of e-discovery. New this year, individual categories recognize people who champion legal technology and advocate for those who use, manage, build, and innovate on top of Relativity. 1 Hour General Session
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